Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bad Ops (Agent Juliet Box Set) By E. M. Smith

I really enjoyed this, it was fast paced, action packed, adrenaline filled, gritty, full of bravado, wise cracks and guns!  I loved every damn second of it and couldn't stop turning the pages.

The story was awesome and well planned out, the characters were great, you got to know them quickly and I was quickly swept up in the book.

I am moving on to the Bone Squad book which ties up with the Agent Juliet books and I will certainly be looking out for more books by E M Smith cos I like this asshat's style, A'ight!


BAD OPS is a specially priced box set of all 5 Agent Juliet stories.

Follow self-destructive screw-up and beginner black ops agent Jamie Kendrick from his disastrous first op to his grisly showdown with death.


Jamie Kendrick is known for his colossally bad decisions--jacking a squad car and turning it over in a ditch, for example. But he's going to show everyone. With some help from his brother--and a court-ordered ankle monitor--Jamie is going to get sober, join the army, and shake his white trash reputation. He's actually doing a decent job until someone frames him for the gruesome murders of his brother's family.

No one believes that Jamie is innocent. No one but a mysterious blonde with a gun. She gives Jamie a choice: spend the rest of his life in prison or help her take down the man who killed his brother and set him up.


Juliet's back and the pressure's on.

Five months after almost dying on his first mission with NOC-Unit, Jamie Kendrick is trying to adapt to the high-stress world of black ops, navigate the politics of workplace relationships, and watch out for his nieces.


A deep black op in the heart of Afghanistan brings Bravo face-to-face with his past...

A strange phone call from one of his nieces sends Jamie off the rails...

And someone at NOC-Unit sends Jamie and Bravo on a mission they aren't meant to come back from.


Someone in NOC-Unit betrayed Jamie and Bravo. Now they're trapped in a sweatbox in the South American jungle.

While Jamie and Bravo fight to survive, the past unfolds through the eyes of the mysterious Mina. Who is she and how does she factor into the NOC-Unit boys' fate?


People always said if he didn't straighten up, he would come to a bad end...

Jamie doesn't know how he's going to rescue his nieces from NOC-Unit without getting killed. He doesn't know where he'll hide the girls if, by some miracle, he does rescue them. All he knows is that things are fixing to get bad.

A roller coaster ride of gunfights, kidnapping, grand theft auto, torture, and death--the final Agent Juliet story pushes Jamie to an edge he can never come back from.

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