Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Halo Bound (Redneck Apocalypse, Book 1) by eden Hudson

Deep breath in...... and out, I just need to take a brief moment to slow my brain activity down, I have just dragged myself out of this sometimes frantic, fast paced ride that took some twisted paths whilst also mainting a constant torchlight of hope amidst the dark. Babbling are we Lou?, YES I think I might be, you see my brain feels slightly scrambled but in a delicious "these are the best eggs" kinda way. 

To translate for those that don't speak babble - this book was bloody awesome! 

There are a few different elements of this book that, added all together, gave me a reading experience that I am not quite sure I have had before, and I read quite alot. 

eden Hudson's style is, different and not a bad different. The changes in POVs and the 'flow' of the book felt alien to start with (not uncomfortable at all just not your typical flavour!) but I was soon settled into the enjoyable rhythm and felt easy with it, somewhere between 30% and 40% of the way in the story really hits it's pace and I had trouble putting it down. 

Add too that Tough has to be my favourite anti hero ever! Even when he is being a git. If Desty goes to Kathan I will kick her fictional backside! Every character has really taken shape in my head, they had voices that came through the page at me and I love it when that happens!

I hope the next in the series is more of the same.

Book Description:

The holy champion chosen to save the world is enslaved to a sadistic fallen angel and losing the battle for his sanity.

The guy chosen to save the holy champion is his binge-drinking redneck brother.

So, basically, the world is screwed.

Meet the Whitney boys:
Colt—a mentally unstable holy soldier with a rapidly deteriorating hold on reality. His last plan to rid the world of evil either failed horribly or went off without a hitch. With the constant torture and brainwashing, it's getting hard to be sure of anything but the sick attachment he's developing to his beautiful tormentor.

Tough—a smart-mouthed honky-tonk hero trying to drown his problems in music, women, and good times. He hasn't spoken to Colt in five years—not since their disagreement over a nymphomaniac vampire turned into a drunken slugfest—but they're still brothers. Tough knows he can't leave Colt fighting for his life and his sanity alone. The question is whether Tough can fight off his personal demons long enough to save Colt from the literal ones.

Halo Bound is the first book in the Redneck Apocalypse series. It was originally published under the title How to Kill Yourself in a Small Town.

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