Monday, 11 May 2015

Tempted by Darkness (Alliance Trilogy, Book 1) by Mary Whitten

I am so happy that Mary Whitten has bought out another series! I loved the Emily Sullivan series and had high hopes for this one, let me tell you I was not disappointed.  I have stormed through this book because I couldn't put it down, very little sleep was had because I was far too engrossed to put my kindle down!

I adore Harper - she's a takes no shit, don't need help, can handle herself, kick ass, half turned vamp who refuses to drink human blood is hell bent on revenge on the vampire that killed her family and turned her.  Then we meet the delectable Theo, quick pass me a fan just thinking about him gets me hot under the collar, he is one seriously hot alpha werewolf (need I say more?).  These two are perfect for each other, but (and there is always a but) he hates vamps and she is sure she couldn't have a relationship in her line of work.  Hmm Harper's work, don't get me started on the people Harper works for, **insert extremely rude words here**.

There is humour and sarcasm in spades in this book, the storyline is well thought out and you feel vested in the characters and find yourself routing for them.  The fight scenes are immense and the love scenes, well they'll certainly get your pulse racing.

Book 2 asap please Mary, I don't think I can wait long to see how Cat gets on with recent changes.

And the uber good news is that it is only 99p on Amazon (a total bargain for this much fun) buy it HERE, go on you know you want too!

Book Description:

Dangerous and deadly with a side of crazy. 

My name is Harper. My job sucks … literally. I hunt evil, red-eyed vampires for a living. My employer is a group called the Alliance; a secret organization that pays my bills and my taxes. What more could a girl ask for? 

Everything in life was going just fine until the Alliance decided to switch the enemy. My newest assignment is to execute a werewolf. That was their first mistake. You see, there's a reason I hunt vamps. I have a score to settle with the entire race. They took something from me and turned me into a monster. Once a vampire taste the first drop of human blood, they go insane and kill any human they meet. I've been a vampire for almost sixteen years and still have yet to take a human's life, or taste their blood for that matter. The Alliance has informed me that if I don’t take out the werewolf I will become their next target. And that was their second mistake. 

I should hate her. I should want to rip her undead heart from her body. Yet for some reason my instincts are telling me not to. She says she was here to save us, but she works for the enemy. I’m sure trusting her will be the death of me, but I have to try. She’s different than the rest of the evil monsters that took my one true love from me years ago. Together we will destroy the enemy. And if she does betray me, I'll kill her. 

. This book is a fast paced, action driven, do or die love story. Readers 18+ due to graphic violence, language, and sexual conduct 

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