Thursday, 4 June 2015

Charles (Darkness Series, Book 8) by K F Breene

It's the end of the series Bro! 

Charles has been with us since the very beginning of this series and has always been my fave! Now having read his book I have to to say I think I love him all the more!

I adore Ann and have loved the dynamic of their relationship since she first arrived in the books, we all knew they should be together and when we found out that Ann and Tim had hooked up in a previous book I was heartbroken for Charles and Ann because they are made for each other.

They have that fantastic balance of friendship and love, the attraction has always been glaringly obvious but a certain someone just needed to realise it was more than just lust.  The sarcasm and banter between these two and the other characters literally has you laughing out loud.

You can always expect toe curling love scenes from this series and Charles didn't disappoint (in fact I don't think Charles is capable of causing disappointment) And of course The Watch get to kick some bad guy ass which is always entertaining.

I really have had fun with this series and am so sad to see it end, but it's left me with a warm fuzzy feeling, I certainly wouldn't have felt this content if it had ended without a Charles book.

I do wonder if there is room for a few stories from K. F. Breene from the shifter camp, that could be fun to explore!

Book Description:

Charles is a guy that likes to play the field. He's highly sought after in the Mansion, both for his prowess, and his position. He's content to stay the playboy for life, too, steeped in the culture in which he was raised. 

That is, until he finds himself on a mission with Ann, trying to figure out why shifters are mysteriously going missing. Suddenly things that were so clear cut, get muddled.

When Ann succumbs to the danger that is plaguing her kind, all bets are off.

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