Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hell Bent (Redneck Apocalypse, Book 2) by eden Hudson

This review may not make much sense because once again my brain feels as though it has spun on its axis, I don't quite know how she does it but this author seems to juggle everything round in your brain in a way that wakes it all up and makes you think. It's like brain fertiliser.

The characters crawl into you, you absorb them, you can feel them, in fact I know I will be contemplating them for days. 

The story is cleverly told, I am still the loving the flow of these books, you don't have time to stop or relax but once you are in the story then you don't want to stop anyway. It's fast paced, it's engaging, it's dark, it's emotional but it has hope and it forces you to keep reading. Your heart races your brain is firing and then ... it ends, a deliciously cruel ending that has left me in a Redneck Apocalypse frenzy with nowhere to get my next fix! 

Hell I enjoyed that ride, I want more!

Book Description:

Finally free of his sadistic captor, the holy champion is now trapped in a much darker hell—his own mind.

His only hope is a vampire he can't even remember.

She loves him, but can she save him?

Hell Bent is the second book in the Redneck Apocalypse series.

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