Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Accidental Demon Slayer (Biker Witches Mystery, Book 1) by Angie Fox

I really liked this book and will definitely go on to read the others in the series because I found it to be a very funny, enjoyable, creepy, scary and occasionally hot, bit of escapism that was very easy to read.

Some readers have commented on how unreal the whole story is - but hang on a minute - isn't that why a lot of us read fiction? I mean witches, vampires, griffins, werewolves, demons and the like aren't real so why should everything else in a book be real and believable? why shouldn't an author bend or break the norm to send us on a journey of escapism! That's certainly what I like to look for in a book when the mood takes me!

I like Lizzie, she has just the right amount of sass, however she annoys me when she keeps saying she wants to go back to her old life when quite clearly deep down she doesn't but then that's kinda part of the story, finding her true self and accepting her destiny.

Pirate the talking Jack Russell is hilarious and is a great addition to the cast.

Dimitri, what can I say about him other than where the hell can I order myself one of him! (Yum)

As for Grandma Gertie and the rest of the Biker Witches, they rock! and they had me laughing out loud on many occasions whilst I read it.

So for great light-hearted easy read that has you laughing your socks off on one page and cowering behind a cushion at the scary/creepy bits on the next page - go on, give this book a go!

Book Description:

Newly anointed with demon-fighting powers and suddenly able to hear the thoughts of her hilarious Jack Russell terrier, a preschool teacher finds a whole new world of dark and dangerous, including a sexy shape-shifting griffin she's not entirely sure she can trust.

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