Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Third Bites A Charm (Emily Sullivan Series, Book 3) by Mary Whitten

I really enjoyed this, the third instalment of the series (only gripe would be that there wasn't enough of Axle!!!) But I loved it as much as the first two books.

There were a few typos in the book, not a complaint just commenting on it :)

These books are a very easy read, with lots of plot twists and turns, and I am keen to learn what Emily and the Crew get up to next and of course I am dying to meet the new little addition. I am eager to learn more about Emily's powers, to see how Axle and Emily progress with the next step in their lives. The war between witches that was built up towards then end of the book has definitely piqued my interest, and I am also intrigued as to how Terrica will fit in and can't quite decide if I trust her yet.

Mary Whitten has impressed me again. Bring on the next book!

Book Description:

What happens in the coven doesn’t always stay in the coven.
Emily Sullivan misses the normal days, the days of working a normal job, with a human boyfriend, and never having to worry about catching someone on fire every time she sneezed. Now, she’s undercover in New Orleans learning the practice of witchcraft from a powerful warlock, her grandfather. His coven is in trouble; fires, burglary, kidnappings… it’s Emily’s job to find out who and why before the attacks become deadly.
Emily wants to take her relationship with Axle to the next level but something is holding her back. She discovers that the two are under a dark curse. Each time they get close something bad happens, and if they were to take it all the way someone could get hurt, or worse.
Emily saves a helpless girl from a vampire, but no good deed goes unnoticed. The vampires of New Orleans know a big secret about Emily and they are out for blood… every last drop.

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